The problem many lawyers face is a lack of focus. Just suppose you decided to take five actions each day that would lead you toward the achievement of your goals, what do you think would be different about your career?

The first step is to know in very specific detail what you want to achieve. Then, to stay focused, take five specific actions each and every day. I always approached my goals this way.

Recently I read a blog by Jack Canfield titled: Creating Miracles with Rule of Five. Canfield tells the story of Andrea, who was seriously injured in an accident and told she would never walk again. She decided she wanted to walk out of the hospital and each day she created five actions for that day.

Imagine what you could do if you were as driven as Andrea to achieve a goal and created five action items each day to do? As Canfield aptly points out:

The cumulative effect of these daily steps can be profound. Small action steps are manageable, and achieving them daily keeps you motivated and your momentum strong.