Ok, I confess. I enjoy reading that inspires me and gets me more motivated. When I was a young lawyer, I discovered and subscribed to two magazines that inspired and motivated me. The first was: The Practical Lawyer. I liked it because it gave me “real world” practical advice. Now, many years later, I write regular column called Practical Success.

I also subscribed to Success magazine. In each issue I would find something that either inspired me or gave me an idea. I remember years ago reading that I should write down my goals and fold up the paper and carry it with me in my suit pocket. I did that for many years. Recently I subscribed again to and recommended it to many lawyers I coach.  Interestingly I still find something valuable in each issue and so do the lawyers I coach. Each issue also includes a CD that is valuable.

What magazines are you reading that will help you become a more successful lawyer and a more fulfilled person?