Have you ever seen Tom Peters The Top 50 “Have-Yous”?  If you haven’t don’t look at it until you create your own “Top ___Have-Yous.”

So, here are 25 I thought of before looking at Tom Peters list.

  1. Have you defined what success in your career means?
  2. Have you shared your definition with your family and/or friends?
  3. Have you created a plan to get you to your definition of success?
  4. Have you prepared a plan for 2014?
  5. Have you decided what you want to become better at doing in 2014?
  6. Have you found a method to hold yourself accountable for the actions in your 2014 plan?
  7. Have you met with clients recently?
  8. Have you met with referral sources recently?
  9. Have you sent any thank-you notes recently?
  10. Have you kept up with what is going on in your clients’ industries?
  11. Have you figured out what each of your clients value most?
  12. Have you written any articles or blog posts?
  13. Have you asked your clients for article or blog post ideas?
  14. Have you sought opportunities to give industry presentations?
  15. Have you repurposed materials you have created?
  16. Have you attended any client industry events?
  17. Have you become active in a charity or community service organization that you value?
  18. Have you regularly gotten up from behind your desk and had lunch with clients or referral sources?
  19. Have you learned anything about what your client representatives most enjoy doing when they are not working?
  20. Have you learned anything about your client representatives’ families?
  21. Have you defined with your client at the beginning of a new project what they want to achieve?
  22. Have you kept or exceeded promises or commitments you have made to clients?
  23. Have you been responsive to clients?
  24. Have you checked client bills before they have been sent?
  25. Have you given any of your time to your best clients without any expectation of anything in return?