I have received lots of feedback and ideas on holiday gifts and cards. After posting Little Things Matter last week, I received this email from a lawyer I am coaching. Here is her good idea:

You talked to me (and others) about “the little things,” so I decided to add a personal touch for a couple of gifts.  I hope it’s not too corny.
The one and only crafty thing I do is make these amazing Christmas wreaths using a fresh wreath and adding a lot of other stuff, like fresh fruit/cinnamon sticks, really nice ribbon etc. — hard to describe but really classy (Think Williamsburg).  You’d pay north of $150 for something like it at stores.  So, I’m doing one of those for my number one client contact (who is on maternity leave) and sending it to her home with a wreath hanger.
For a rental car company client, I’m doing two “car themed” wreaths (with hangers) that my two contacts can hang on their office doors.
I will send you pics when they are done.