Did you watch the playoff in the Wells Fargo Championship on Sunday? If not you can read about it in this New York Times article: Fowler Likes His New Label: Champion.

The three man playoff included number 1 in the world, Rory McIlroy and D. A. Points. All three hit long drives in the fairway on 18. With the pin in the front on the far left of the green and water to the left off the green, hitting a shot left of the pin was risky to say the least. But, that is exactly what Rickie Fowler did. He stuck his shot 4 feet left of the pin and made his put for his first career PGA win. As reported in the Times article;

“I definitely didn’t want to play safe,” he said. “I had a good number, and I was aiming right of the hole with the wind coming out of the right, and if I hit a perfect shot, it comes down right on the stick.”

He also said he knew if he did not hit it right, the shot could have landed in a creek.

If you did not see the shot, you can watch it here. Even if Rickie Fowler’s shot had landed in the creek and cost him the tournament, he knew he would play again next week and continue his efforts to win his first PGA tournament. It was worth taking the risk.

Many of you are in large firms. Some of you mostly do work handed to you by more senior lawyers. That may make you feel secure now, but it is unlikely you will be secure for your entire career. Take a risk. Start working on a plan to attract, retain and expand relationships with potential clients. Even if your initial efforts do not yield results, you will have more opportunities to attract clients. It is worth taking the risk. The sooner you get started and take risks the better.