By now you have likely seen the Clinton campaign video which is a take off of the last episode of the Sopranos. If by chance you haven’t seen it, you can find it on the candidate’s website: I think it is an absolutely brilliant marketing piece. Among other things, it increases Hillary’s likeability factor, ties her indirectly to a very popular television show, draws people who would not otherwise go there to her website, and it is memorable and extraordinary. Finally, it is simply fun and gets people involved in the discussion by asking them to vote for her campaign song.
I had not gone to her website prior to hearing about the video. In fact, I have never gone on any political candidate’s website. I think if you look at hers you see what legal marketing will look like in the future. There are Blogs, Videos, links to her on YouTube, MySpace and plenty of opportunities for people to get involved.
How can we apply this same approach to marketing ourselves as lawyers? I have to give that lots of thought, but I would be very interested in hearing any ideas you have. For now, I am in awe of the creative idea and how it became a lead story on many of the networks.
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