I have been asked why I chose to focus on transportation construction contractors. The answer is really pretty simple: I loved the people in the industry and I marveled at the magnificent projects they constructed.

Contractors who build complex construction projects have to have a “can do” attitude. Occasionally they are building a project that has never been built before. It is one thing to draw it up and another to actually design and construct it.

I am reminded of what I have read, seen and heard about the design and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in the 1800s. For many years people wanted to build a bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan, but the idea was always thought to be impractical. When it was completed in 1883,  it was the world’s longest suspension bridge. Thirty men, including the bridge designer, lost their lives during the construction.

Several years ago I sat in the conference room of a firm I was coaching at the time. Ann-Marie came in with a gift. It was a book written by famed historian David McCullough titled: The Great Bridge. I had read his book John Adams. I had listened to his book 1776 on the Revolutionary War. I didn’t know he had written about the Brooklyn Bridge. I read the book cover to cover with great interest in the history and background.

If you want to learn more take a look at this short video clip. I wanted to work for people who built projects like the Brooklyn Bridge.