A lawyer I coach asked me why he should be blogging and using social media. He thought in-house lawyers were not paying attention to blog posts and social media.

I believe many older lawyers and many law firms are not blogging or using social media for that same reason. They perceive in-house lawyers are not reading blog posts and not engaged in other social media. A recent survey shows they are. One conclusion from the survey results:

in-house attorneys now are using new media platforms to deepen their professional networks; to obtain their legal, business, and industry news and information; and to enrich their social and personal lives.  Most importantly, they expect that trend to accelerate in the future.

What does this mean to you? If you are not blogging you should at least consider it. If you are blogging focus on setting yourself apart by the quality of your post. There are more lawyer blogs every day. Think about why an inside counsel should read yours.