I am happy that for the most part when I practiced law the only ratings were Martindale-Hubbell and the raters were peers or judges.

With the internet, have the ratings become as meaningless as they are for other businesses.

In the last two months, I have been told by my doctor, my pharmacist and my car dealer repair service that I would likely be called on to give a review either by phone or writing.

My doctor said she was embarrassed to say that she needed for me to give her a 10 rating, or something bad would happen. I understood. She also told me that not completing the form and returning it was tantamount to not giving a 10 rating.

My pharmacist was more blunt. Somehow, the pharmacy would lose standing in the chain-store if I didn’t give a 10.

My car dealer service department was even more blunt. They gave me a sheet with my invoice that had drawings by each number rating. The only one with a smile was a 10. The young man who helped me that day said if I was going to give a rating of anything lower than a 10, I needed to call the dealership and talk first.

My doctor is outstanding. She deserves a high rating. But, if every doctor has to get 10s, what is the value of the survey?

My pharmacist is also great. But, I’m not sure I would know the difference between a pharmacist who is worth a 10 rating and one that is only worth a 9.

Same is true of my car dealer repair service. They take care of my car, and always wash it.  The price is fair and their coffee isn’t bad. But, do they deserve a 9 rating because some other dealership serves Starbucks Lattes just the way I like them?

I’m not sure I ever deserved a 10 rating. Even if I did, I wouldn’t have wanted it. I suspect I may have quit striving to learn and get better.

I always perceived 10s to be perfection. In other words, the performance or the service was so outstanding that nothing can be done to make it any better. That sense of perfection  goes back to Mary Lou Retton in 1984. I watched live that night and saw perfection. I had goose bumps watching, especially knowing she was injured just six weeks before.

If you weren’t around in those days to watch, take a couple of minutes and watch the video below.