As some of you know I am a Virginia Tech grad. As others of you may know Virginia Tech’s women are playing in our first Final Four basketball tournament here in Dallas. Nancy and I are going to watch us play LSU in the first game tonight.

I don’t want to bury the lead, so

We leave our home at Diamanté  for the last time today. We likely will go on record as being owners of a home there for the shortest time in Diamanté  history. Yesterday the golf pro took our photo with our favorite caddies. As you can see our photo was taken just as the sun was

I received a text today from a lawyer I coached,. He asked how I was doing. It is a very long story, and in journalism there is a rule that I suggested for blogging: “Don’t bury the lead.” So I won’t.

I had surgery in February to remove cancer from my neck. After surgery I

If you are here to find the one takeway that will make a difference in your life and career, here goes:

It is not how you treat your clients when you are feeling well that will matter, it is how you treat your clients when you are not feeling well. One other quick takeaway. It

I have heard from so many of you asking for me to keep you informed on how I am doing. I hope you will forgive me, but posting blogs about it is the easiest way to reach the most people, and for me,  writing what I am experiencing is like therapy. If you know me,

If you are looking for any words of great wisdom here, (other than learning about the best gin and the best tonic in the world) I would move on. Several of you have sent me emails asking how I am doing and I thought this might be a good way to let you know. At

You know there comes a time when it is time to hang it up and I have reached that time now. At 74, I’ve aged out of coaching lawyers. I spend my time writing fiction while realizing I will never be John Grisham.

If you remember the Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley song I Did

Let’s face it: 2020 hasn’t been the year we dreamed and talked about when 2019 came to an end.

All that has happened to us in the last few months means July 4th 2020 will be different in so many ways than any July 4th in my lifetime. Even in February, who could have predicted

Many years ago when I was the Construction Law Practice Group Leader at my firm, we had a practice group retreat at a ranch about an hour from Dallas. After dinner, one of my junior partners, who had been drinking a great deal, paid me what he believed would be the ultimate insult.

He said: