A few years ago a lawyer I coached who met Nancy asked me:

What is the secret to being married for (now) 42 years?

For me it is very simple, I think of Nancy, and hopefully treat her, like I did when we fell in love. I do my best to never take her for granted. I like to say to her: “This is high romance.”

Believe me having lived together for 42 years, we know each other really well. There is nothing really new. We could easily just take each other for granted. But, when I feel like I am still romancing her, I get a gleam in my eye and think about how fortunate I am.

I am not the first writer to compare client relationship building  to romance. Many writers see parallels. If you are like me, you love to romance new clients and are ecstatic when you land a new client. But, to retain an important client, you must never take that client for granted. I avoided that by always treating my existing clients like I was still romancing them.

You should treat your existing clients like you did when you wanted them to become a client. Think about those clients now and go visit them on your nickel.