During December I am focusing on Planning for 2010 and including ideas from lawyers I coach.

Tricia DeLeon is a partner in the Dallas Bracewell Giuliani office. I have been working with her the last several months. As you will see below, her planning focuses on her life priorities.

I am preparing my 2010 business plan by listing my big goals and then thinking about what small steps I can do each quarter to achieve my goals. I like Cordell’s approach of organizing and dividing my business plan into several categories. My plan will include 7 categories: (1) Spiritual; (2) Family; (3) Mental/Personal Growth; (4) Firm/Professional Development; (5) Physical; (6) Fun; and, (7) Financial. I will have a few big goals listed under each category that I hope to accomplish in 2010. Some of the categories I’ve selected may not seem relevant to a “business” plan, but for me to succeed in my profession, I also have to achieve balance and growth in other areas of my life.

This year I’m also thinking about who can help me and keep me accountable for achieving my goals. For instance, I want to run at least half of the San Diego marathon on June 6, 2010. To accomplish this, we’ve organized a group of 9 women from our office who are committed to running the full marathon. We have a training schedule that will begin in January. In addition to our individual training, we plan to run together on Saturday mornings. If I have a friend or group working with me to achieve a goal, the more likely I am to do it. And, similar to the training schedule for the marathon, I hope to take small, consistent steps toward accomplishing my big goals in all 7 categories for 2010.