I like the ebook by Chris Guillebeau called “279 Days to Overnight Success.” I urge you to read the ebook.

While it is focused on writers, there is a great deal in it for lawyers.

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Chris describes his “World Domination Strategy” and lists six components in his strategy. The five listed below apply to lawyers.

  1. Create a Compelling Story and Be Remarkable
  2. Clearly Answer the “Reason Why”
  3. Prioritize Writing and Marketing Over Everything Else
  4. Be Bigger than I Really Am
  5. Build Long-Lasting Relationships

As lawyers your compelling story should focus on your clients. Think about what you are doing to help your clients achieve their goals or get over the hurdles that confront them.

If a potential client doesn’t know you, why should the client care about what you have to say? When you are writing or speaking always ask yourself, what is in this for the reader or audience.

Clearly you cannot prioritize writing and marketing over doing work for clients. But you can have a plan for your non-billable time and make time for writing and marketing. You can also find ways to hold yourself accountable.

I have always liked the phrase: “Think Big and Act Small.” For me thinking big means you can become more successful than you ever dreamed. Set goals that stretch you. Acting small means you are not on a crash diet. Make client development a lifestyle change.

Client development for lawyers is about relationships. Focus on the clients for whom you are working and making sure you are building long lasting relationships with them.