I know many lawyers whose dreams are not big enough. They underestimate what they can do. They underestimate the quality of the clients they can attract. How big are your dreams?

Two lawyers I coached, who did not know each other, both shared with me that the most important thing they took away from the coaching was “Thinking/Dreaming Big.”¬†Take a look at David Walton Daily Activities and then listen to Lizzette Zubey Dreaming Big. Both David and Lizzette were, and likely still are, energized by big possibilities.

boy questioning.jpgHow can I get you to think and dream big? I recently read The Awesome Power of Two Words. Obviously, Think Big are two powerful words, but in this case the writer had in mind: “What If…” He wrote that using those words will place the possibility in your mind. I agree.

I never used “What If…” Instead, I always used “Just Suppose…”

So, think of what you might believe is out of reach and then think: “Just Suppose…” I did it way back in 1978 when I thought:

Just suppose I became the best known transportation construction lawyer in the United States…

I am not positive I accomplished that, but I know for sure I came much closer than I would have had i not believed I could do it.

Napoleon Hill once said:

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Just suppose you…

Have fun finishing this sentence this weekend.