I think you know I love coaching groups of lawyers in law firms. The most fun for me is to coach them in person at least four times during a year.

But, I have also really enjoyed the lawyers I am coaching in my new 7 Weeks Video Client Development Coaching Class. Participants watch my video, then complete workbook assignments and send them to me. I offer feedback.

Recently a lawyer in the 7 weeks program responded to an idea I shared with her:

Cordell, thank you so much for this feedback! I’ve been thinking about an xxxxx focus for years but was afraid I might not have enough work. I’m excited that you think it’s a good idea as it’s an industry I’m passionate about. I’ll get started on this right away

Whether in person or on line, how well do the lawyers do? The answer is really pretty simple:

How well each lawyer will do in the coaching program is directly related to how committed the lawyer is to becoming more valuable to potential and existing clients.

I have coached over 1000 lawyers since I began doing it full time. Before that I mentored many lawyers who worked for me.

When I am coaching lawyers, over time I can tell whether they are committed to becoming a more valuable lawyer. How can I tell:

  1. Is he open to the idea of coaching?
  2. Is she motivated to become a better lawyer?
  3. Does he have a clear idea of what he wants in his career and what he wants to get out of the coaching program?
  4. Has she prepared for our coaching session?
  5. What does he want to talk about?
  6. Is she willing to learn new things?
  7. What are his goals?
  8. Is she stretching outside her comfort zone?
  9. Is he holding himself accountable?
  10. Will she persist, persevere and be patient when she does not have immediate results?

Do you have a couple of minutes? If so read: An Eye for Success. If you have two additional minutes, let me know your thoughts.

Our next 7 weeks coaching program starts in June. You can sign up now for only $95. We are also starting a new 12 months client development coaching program for mid-level litigators. The cost is only $95 a month.

If either program interests you contact jflo@cordellparvin.com