When I practiced law I quickly learned that the opportunity to make a presentation to construction industry contractors was one of the best uses of my time. I always felt that if I could get in front of a group of contractors, I could convey to them that I understood their business and the legal issues that impact them.
  1. Why is the opportunity to give a presentation to an industry such a great opportunity? 
  2. How will you determine the best topic to present?
  3. What steps will you take to get the opportunity to speak to the industry group?
  4. Why will your audience care about your presentation topic?
  5. If you get the opportunity to speak, what homework will you do before the presentation?
  6. They say, how your presentation looks is more important than what you say. How will you practice and get an idea how it looks? If given the choice, will you stand behind the podium on stage? (I never did).
  7. Why should you show up early the day of the presentation and checking out the meeting room?
  8. Will you have a handout? If so, do you know how the organization will provide it to the audience? (Hard Copy? Jump Drive?)
  9. Unless required, why is it better to not provide a hard copy of your slides to the audience before or while you are speaking?
  10. You have 90 seconds to attract your audience to your topic. What is your opening?
  11. How will you make your slides interesting with as few words as possible?
  12. Do you know that you can put what would have been bullet points on your computer screen with the audience only able to see your visual slides?
  13. I suggest you do not close your presentations by asking: “Are there any questions?” Instead I suggest you say: “Before I close, are there any questions?” Then your close should be a “call to action” based on what you told the audience. What will be a good “call to action” for your presentation?
  14. How will you follow up with those who heard your presentation? Is there something in more detail you can offer to send them if they contact you or leave their business card with you?
  15. Will you put your slides on slideshare.net and make them available to the public?
  16. Can you take the same presentation and make it a webinar?
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