I published many of these tips years ago and decided it was worth bringing it back now.

When I coached groups of lawyers at law firms, I shared with the lawyers ideas I wish someone had told me when I was a young lawyer. Here are some of those tips.

  1. Create goals and actions to achieve the goals-It’s fine to create end result goals, but don’t stop there. Create action plans.
  2. Breakdown your action plan-Create 90 days or monthly action plans. Lawyers who prepare a business plan for the year tend to put it in their desk and don’t look at it again.
  3.  Plan and schedule client development activities each week-Decide what you plan to do, estimate how much time it will take and then schedule it on your calendar
  4. Keep a client development journal-Keeping track makes it more likely you will actually do the activities and it will enable you to figure out what was the best use of your time.
  5.  Have a client development partner-Like a workout partner, a client development partner makes it more likely you will do the activities.
  6. Join industry and/or community associations/organizations and seek leadership positions and speaking opportunities-Join just a few organizations and become visible by leading or speaking.
  7. Stay in contact-Use multiple means (notes, calls, lunches, coffee, blogs, email, LinkedIn).
  8.  Conduct workshops and seminars for clients-(Get CLE credit if doing it for in-house lawyers)
  9.  Put links to published articles on your website bio-You want perspective clients to read what you have written
  10.  Create a blog-Blog posts are easier to write and more timely than writing articles that are published weeks or months later.
  11. Create a guide-This can be a handout at industry presentations. Make it short and concise.
  12. Create video and post to YouTube-If you are creating a program for clients hire a videographer to shoot video and then post it.
  13.  Read what your clients read-Find out their industry publications and subscribe to them
  14.  Identify referral sources-Referral Sources expand your network to perspective clients
  15. Write thank you notes-Let clients know you appreciate the opportunity to serve them.
  16. Get to know assistants-A client representative’s assistant can be a great source of goodwill.
  17. Joint venture programs with client representatives-They will enjoy being asked and working together will help build the relationship
  18. Become involved in your clients’ favorite charities-This is another way to build the relationship and let the client know you care about what is important to them.
  19. Return phone calls and emails promptly-Clients do not want to wait.
  20. Build database of information on your clients including spouse’s name, children’s names and ages, hobbies etc.-This helps you find reasons to be in contact with clients. I used an excel spreadsheet
  21. Go to events you would rather skip-You never know where you will run into opportunities.
  22.  Have your elevator speech ready-Create several so you can use the appropriate one
  23.  Have your elevator questions ready-People want you to be interested more than they want you to be interesting.
  24. Call, email and write clients-Just to see how they are doing
  25. Do something no matter how small each and every day-Make a list of potential things you can do each and every day.
  26. Read books about sales, service and relationship building-Figure out how other businesses do it effectively by reading about them. Tell me a topic of interest, I will suggest a book for you.