I never liked the gifts my firm had for us to send clients. I didn’t think a law firm logo on a mouse pad, golf shirt or golf hat would really make a big hit with my clients. Do you feel the same way? Do you want to give a gift that keeps giving and may do some good in the world and will enable your recipients to actually help very small businesses?
Catherine is a Philadelphia labor and employment lawyer who gave me a really neat idea for holiday gifts. You give a sum of money for your client/contact to make a micro loan to fledgling entrepreneurs.
To learn more about this opportunity take a look at “Give the gift of micro loans”. As you will see in the article, your recipients redeem their Kiva gift certificates in the amount you have chosen to set up a lending account. The recipient then decides when to make a loan, in what amount and to whom. One feature I think is really fun is that once the entrepreneurs repay their loans, the money is returned to your recipients’ accounts, where it can be lent again. So, hopefully each time your recipient makes a loan to another fledgling entrepreneur, he or she will think of you.
If you really want to make the holiday worthwhile, do something unique that will be remembered.