When was the last time you ate lunch with a client or referral source? I am posting this blog to urge you to not eat lunch at your desk, not eat every lunch with your colleagues. Eat lunch with clients and referral sources.

Years ago a former New York City Police Detective named Bo Dietl wrote a book with a lengthy title: Business Lunchatations: How an Everyday Guy Became One of America’s Most Powerful CEOs…and How You Can Too!

Dietl’s ideas are designed for CEOs but they also apply to lawyers. Consider the following:

  1. Look the part-Dress well every day
  2. Never stop networking-Dietl says: “Not a networker? Get over it. It’s other people who can make our success.”
  3. Show loyalty-Through the good times and the not so good times.
  4. Be a friend-Help people with no expectation of anything in return. People are attracted to those who have their best interest at heart.
  5. Learn to listen-many people tune out as soon as they think they know the gist of what the speaker is saying.
  6. Project a winning image-Be a winner, believe in yourself.
  7. Stay in touch-there is no substitute for face time with valued clients. Dietl admits he has lost valued clients by letting too much time pass between visits.