You are busy right? I was always busy also. But I was still able to find time for client development. One way I did it was to use material I had already created.

Lawyers I coach hear me say it all the time:

Repurpose (marketing term) your content.

What does that mean? When I practiced law, unless there was an ethical issue or a client reason not to, I looked at every piece of written billable work as an opportunity to re-write it as an article. Once I wrote an article, I looked at that as an opportunity to give presentation. When I wrote a series of articles on the same subject, I created a guide. Each year I took my 12 monthly columns for Roads and Bridges and created a booklet for contractors. Later in my career presentations given live became webinars and the recordings were made available to those unable to attend the live presentation or the live webinar.

If you are a regular reader, you may remember my post: Create Something Your Clients Will Value. In that post I provided links to 15 Guides I had prepared for construction contractor clients. In almost every case, what was included in the Guide started as billable work I was doing and was likely the subject of one or more articles and one or more presentations.

As you know I have written several blog posts about blogging and social media. I decided to have Joyce take my writing and create an Blogging and Social Media iBook to be read on your iPad. If you do not have an iPad, you can read my Blogging and Social Media book on your computer. This is simply another example of taking what I had already created, editing it as appropriate and putting it in another format.