I know many young lawyers find client development daunting. Some time ago, a large firm asked me to give a two hour presentation to their new partners. At the end I had two thoughts:

  • I had inspired them
  • The vast majority would not change because they felt client development was like climbing Mt. Everest.

Are you in that same position? If so, do what star athletes do – train by learning one thing at a time and begin by taking small steps so you feel you have accomplished something.

I read an interesting interview of author and iron man champ Chrissie WellingtonIronman champ: Your mind matters more. I recommend you read it and find the parallels to using your mind to be more successful with your client development. You might also enjoy her book: A Life Without Limits.

She reports that her coach once said to her:

Life is nothing but a habit. Get to work.

After our first coaching session, I ask lawyers I am coaching  to go back and look at their plan and look at their goals. Is there anything we discussed that has changed their thinking? Then I suggest that they do something, no matter how small to get started. It might be as simple as calling someone and asking her to lunch, sending an article with a handwritten note, or setting up Google Alerts for their clients.

Don’t feel like client development is climbing Mt. Everest. Take just one small step and get started. What step can you take this week?