If you regularly read my blog, you know that Nancy and I grew up in Lombard, IL, a Chicago suburb. On Facebook each day, my Lombard friends are posting photos of the annual Lilac festival. I just saw that Sunday May 17 will be the annual Lilac Parade, a special occasion indeed.

When I grew up in Lombard, our local newspaper was the Lombardian. When I clicked on the newspaper, the first photo to come up was of the 2015 Lilac Queen.

Even I was featured in the Lombardian many times when I played football, basketball and baseball at Glenbard East High School. I have to confess, I was very proud to play for the  Glenbard East Rams and still like the football helmets.


Fast forward: 50 years later, Nancy and I have moved to Prosper, Texas. We love it. In 2 months we have met more neighbors than we met in the 18 years we lived in north Dallas. We have also become big fans of the Prosper Press News, which we receive each Thursday.

Let me share with you what is going on right now in Prosper. First, there is a scholarship program designed to provide a college opportunity for all Prosper High grads. Second, the Prosper Senior High Choirs received awards and will be performing on May 14.

I can’t picture Nancy and I ever going to see a high school choir in Dallas, but I will not be surprised if we go to see the Prosper Choirs on the 14th.

In sports, the Eagles varsity baseball team just wrapped up an undefeated district baseball season and are playing their first game in the playoffs tonight as I am writing this. I have been following the team since we moved here. I can’t remember ever following a high school team when we lived in Dallas.

By the way, I read that a Prosper author just released a new book.  I am hoping the Prosper Press will do a feature when I release my new novel.

I would have written this even if it had nothing to do with law or client development, but I think there is a connection.

What does any of this have to do with client development? Can you guess?

When you live in a big city, there are so many high schools, lawyers restaurants etc. that it is hard to be newsworthy. When you live in a smaller town, it is easier to be newsworthy. For those of you in smaller towns, have you ever written anything for your local paper?