If you have been reading my recent posts you know I am working out with a trainer. I tell him I don’t look forward to the training during my drive to the fitness facility, I sometimes look at the clock hoping our hour will go by faster, and I always feel energized afterwards.

Is it just me, or do some of you do far more when someone is pushing you than you do on your own?  I’ve worked out at the same facility, done the same routine, but I rarely do as many reps.

I know I “need” to work out, even with no trainer. I’ve “got to” do it at the same level as with the trainer. I “have to,” but I don’t.

Over the years, lawyers I’ve coached have told me they “needed to” …(in one case start a blog). Lawyers I’ve coached have told me they’ve “got to”…(same lawyer get started drafting entries to create a backlog he would later post when his blog went live.) And, lawyers I’ve coached have told me they “have to.”

After listening to many need to’s, got to’s and have to’s, I finally replied:

If you feel like you need to, got to or have to, you won’t. When, your need to, got to and have to turns into “want to,”  I know you will actually do it.

What client development activities are you contemplating? Do you need to do them or do you want to do them?

P.S. The blogger I coached has written one of the most read energy law blogs in the country, and he loves writing it.