Are you a law firm associate? If so, do you ever feel that you may be too young, too inexperienced or too something else to be successful at client development?

I frequently hear:

  • I don’t have gray hair like he does.
  • No one my age is making the decision which law firm to hire.
  • My firm would not value the potential clients I could attract.

As the visual points out, you are never too young to dream big. Think about your youth in another way. Focus on the advantages you have being younger than the lawyers with whom you compete. Clients and potential clients consider more than just age and experience when picking a lawyer.

There are plenty of older and more experienced lawyers who may be complacent about their client development. They may be content with where they are in their career. I look at their website bios all the time and find the last time they wrote anything or gave a presentation was more than 5 years ago. Those lawyers are coasting, or at least content with where they are in their career.

If you are hungry to become more valuable to your potential clients, and if you are willing to do what older lawyers are not doing, you have a real opportunity. The name of the game is to become known by as many potential clients in your target market as possible. Frankly, the more people who know you and like you, the more likely you will get hired.

It is never too early to start building relationships. You are never too young to dream big. You are never too young, too inexperienced, too…to become visible, build relationships and begin your journey to success.

How about starting this week. What is the one thing you can do this week?