This time of year lawyers I coach ask about holiday cards. I simply tell them to make their holiday card remarkable and memorable or do not send one at all. One senior lawyer I know sends a holiday card with a photo from where he traveled in the world that year and a statement connecting that place to the holiday. This year his photo was taken in front of a pub in Scotland and the wording on the card was: “May the Scotch be with you…”

Recently my friend Matt Devries, a Stites & Harbison construction law partner sent me an e-card. Take a look at it and I think you will get the idea of why I like it. (Note: I would like it even if he had not mentioned me.)

Here are some things I will remember about the card:

  1. I like the family photo and the mention that he and his wife’s 7 (yes 7) children are in the photo. It paints a picture for me of family joy at Christmas.
  2. Matt asks whether readers achieved goals they have set for 2012, or whether they even set goals. This is where he links to some of my discussions on planning and goals.
  3. Then he talks about balance in family and work and links to some good resources on those subjects.
  4. Next, he mentions some football games that were decided in the last minute and uses that as an analogy for his own life. Matt says: “For me, the next few weeks represent the “last minute” of the game to end 2012 and start 2013. Ahead there are some great opportunities for my career, my family, my community and my church. How about you?”
  5. Next he includes a photo of Haven, one of his little ones, with a caption that is meaningful for his contractor clients.
  6. Finally he provides his thoughts on project documentation.
So, Matt’s card let’s his clients learn more about him and his family, while at the same time offering some resources they might find valuable. That is a remarkable and memorable card.