I have met several times over the last several months with law firm client development professionals and I worked closely with the client development professionals in my old firm. If you are a firm client development professional, here are my tips for you.
  1. Tips.pngKnow what makes the profession (law, accounting, consulting) of your firm different – industry knowledge.
  2. Understand your firm “culture”.
  3. Develop a firm client development strategic plan.
  4. Treat your professionals the way they treat their clients.
  5. Spend lots of “one-on-one” with your professionals – it’s a contact sport.
  6. Convince management to have a Client Development Committee consisting of leading producers and meet regularly with committee and develop actions plans.
  7. Know everything you can about the firm’s top 100 clients (pick a number).
  8. Balance between being supportive and not saying no, with sticking to the strategic plan.
  9. Know more about the blogging, podcasts, and social media tools than your most knowledgeable professional.
  10. Encourage professionals to see things from their clients’ point of view.
  11. Create a client development coaching program for senior associates and junior partners. Set an ambitious goal for the group and then help them achieve it.
  12. Finally, and certainly not last, come up with innovative ideas and be prepared to defend them against “we’ve never done that before.”