I owe a great deal of my success to speaking at construction industry meetings and conducting in-house workshops for construction companies. More often than not my presentation at an industry meeting was an hour long, but the time to prepare the materials and get to and from the site of the meeting was substantial.

I frequently tell lawyers I coach to find ways to repurpose the materials they worked hard to prepare. One way to do that is to take materials from a live program and do the program online.One of the last presentations I did for contractors was an on-line program sponsored by the Associated General Contractors. I had done the program live many times. It was easy to repurpose my materials for the webinar.


When I began my lawyer coaching practice I wanted to teach career development and client development to lawyers. I thought I would conduct workshops in 30 cities my first year as a coach. I told Joyce that if Tony Robbins can put 20,000 people into a basketball arena, I ought to be able to put 20 lawyers into a hotel meeting room to learn about career success and rainmaking. I discovered that no matter how valuable my workshop was and no matter how well I let lawyers know about it, I rarely could get 20 lawyers to leave their office and walk or ride to the hotel meeting site.

What has happened and how does it affect you? With the economy, your potential clients are less willing to travel and less willing to pay the cost of conventions and annual meetings. Young executives prefer to be home with their families rather than attending industry meetings in paradise.

If you have valuable information to teach your clients and potential clients, consider offering monthly or quarterly on-line seminars (Webinars) for that group. I suggest that you record the programs so those unable to attend in person can hear them at a later point. If your clients and potential clients belong to industry associations, reach out to the executive director to see if the association wants to sponsor your on-line seminar for their group. When you have the recording, link to it on your website bio.

If you want to learn more, John Jantsch recently posted a blog 7 Steps to Powerful Online Seminars. Make sure and read each step John recommends and figure out how that step applies to your on-line programs.