Have you noticed that in some of my recent blog posts, I have ended the post with a sentence including the words: you and because?

I receive many questions from lawyers asking how to follow up or make a contact without appearing to be too pushy. Here is something I have done that I urge you to try to kick-off 2014.

I want you to try an experiment for the next 30 days. Take 30 minutes each day and search for something to send clients or contacts.

You can find something in newspapers, magazines, books, and on-line.

When you send the article or book include a hand-written note, or email message:

I think you will find this valuable because or,

I thought of you when I read this because.

Are you wondering why I italicized and bolded you and because? Read: The Two Most Important Words in Blogging.

When I was practicing law and sent handwritten or typed notes, I used monarch stationary. I thought that was better than attaching or enclosing a business card. 

I think you will find doing this experiment valuable because it will help you figure out what your clients want to hear from you and it will help you get in the habit of doing some type of client development activity each and every day.