I recently wrote that client development is about leading (figuring out what will work best for you) and managing (making sure you do it).

Tricia DeLeon is one of the lawyers I most enjoy coaching. I enjoy working with her because she is always prepared  with a detailed agenda when we meet and she creates detailed plans and holds herself accountable. She has both great ideas on what will work best for her and she holds herself accountable. Let me illustrate what I mean.

We had a coaching session a couple of months ago and she shared her 30 day goals and 90 day goals with me in advance. I asked and she gave me permission to share those with you.

30 Day Action Plan (Goals):

  1. Coaching meeting with Cordell—get business plan ready for him to review
  2. Get Focused Contacts Excel Spreadsheet (Joyce Flo can provide)
  3. Update business plan and make more detailed, action goals
  4. Order Nine Things Successful People Do Differently
  5. Talk to Lisa: start accountability plan
  6. Start client development journal again
  7. Update firm profile and LinkedIn In to put slides on it
  8. Get to 500 contacts in LinkedIn
  9. Learn how to do a webinar
  10. Turn “What Civil Litigators Need to Know about Bankruptcy” into a guide within 60 days
  11. Look for an opportunity to work on large pro bono initiative with existing or new client within 60 days
  12. Learn more about Twitter and how to manage it

90 Day Action Plan (Goals):

  1. Update business plan and post it.
  2. Finish reading Lean In and 9 Things
  3. Connect with at least 2 new people from 10 meetings/networking I attend in the next 3 months (GC Forum, Women on Course, WILL, Bankruptcy CLE, ASC, church, IWIRC, DPRC, vacation, xyz network, BB/BS)
  4. Get involved with US Lawfirm Group, being a firm rep
  5. Deepen relationship with XYZ client to let them know what I do
  6. Deepen relationship with ABC Client, remind Lisa of my ability to help her
  7. Follow with BBB client and do lender liability presentation for them
  8. Work on advisory jury article with Sam and Lauren
  9. Go to lunch with some of my colleagues
  10. Strengthen relationship with Another client ladies.

What are your action plans (goals) for the next 30 days? …the next 90 days?