If you have a family, I know that you are passionate about your children and your husband or wife.  For our purpose here, my question is about what you are passionate about as a hobby or interest?

I believe I have shared with you that Nancy tells me I have no hobbies or interests outside of work. Technically she is right and the funny thing is my father had more hobbies than you can imagine and he tried to get me involved in many of them. For example:

In the day of the leisure suit
(No comments on my dad’s sport coat. We also wore leisure suits.)
  • He loved to hunt pheasant in South Dakota. (When he took me the South Dakota pheasant population could not have been more safe.)
  • He loved fishing and making his own flies. (I could not tie the fly on my fishing line, much less make my own.)
  • He loved to refurbish sports cars and sell them. (My attention span in the garage was very short, but at 16 I wanted to drive them.)
  • He loved to make wood duck carvings and make jewelry. (His artistic talent totally skipped his son.)

I could go on, but you get the idea. My dad enjoyed a wide variety of hobbies. I lack his creativity, but I did get into woodworking after my dad gave me his old Shopsmith.I made tables and bookcases. Nancy and I even took woodworking classes together. I gave up woodworking after our daughter, Jill, was born.

I took up golf in the mid-80s. So did Nancy. If you are a regular reader, you know that she has worked hard and has become a great golfer. On the other hand, I still have a 20 handicap. When Nancy and I play in couples events, every couple wants her on the team, then they realize they also get stuck with me.

So, I technically have no hobbies, but I am REALLY passionate about my work with young lawyers. I loved practicing law and helping construction contractors. Even so, I gave it up to coach lawyers.

I get totally energized when a lawyer I am coaching has an “aha” moment and seizes on an opportunity he or she had not seen before.  I enjoy helping lawyers figure out what will work for them and what they will enjoy doing. So, my hobby is teaching and coaching and I love doing it.

Each of you have one or more things that you are REALLY passionate about. What are those things? Are you making time in your busy work and family life schedule to do them?