How many times have you been told that to differentiate your firm you need to “add value?”

Have you ever asked your clients for suggestions on ways you can add value?

When I practiced law, I did. I asked: “What is most effective way we can, at our expense, invest in our relationship with you?”

Here is what they told me. I want you to think about whether your clients would respond differently in 2020.

thumbs up business.jpgGC Client 1: Provide memos explaining new court cases/laws/regulations that would affect our business.

GC Client 2: Don’t charge for learning about our company.

GC Client 3: Willingness to help train, share forms and answer simple questions without opening a file and recording time.

GC Client 4: Meet with us at your expense and find out what we need.

GC Client 5:  Coming back after completion of a project and sharing with us any lessons learned and asking for our feedback.

I do not think there is anything unexpected in these responses. I received these answers over 15 years ago. My question for you is: Are the answers still valid in 2020?