This is the last in my series of blog posts on ideas you might use from Entrepreneur Magazine’s Social Media Challenge.  I enjoyed reading How to Master the Social-Media Best and suggest you take a look at it for ideas of things you can do during the day.

If you are using social media to become more visible and credible to a target market, you will learn from this post that it is important to have a plan for your day. Don’t just do things randomly. I find many lawyers who post many things on LinkedIn or Twitter, but there is no focus to it. In some cases I wonder when the lawyer is practicing law since he or she has so many posts.

As you will also see when you read the post, the writer/consultants take time to find something valuable to talk about. Then they suggest using HootSuite to time posts on social media during the day and reach different readers.

On December 22, 2010, Entrepreneur posted Our Social Media Push Passes the Sales Test which included the results achieved from the Social Media campaign created by LeeReedy/Xylem Digital. Take a look, the results are pretty impressive.