Some law firms are only looking for lawyers with over $1 Million, or more, in business. Many mid-sized firms are looking for lawyers who give their personal best and are capable of attracting $1 Million, or more, in business. I prefer to work with those firms and those lawyers.

Are you someone who wants to give your personal best to client development as you have done to other aspects of your career and personal life?

If so, how can you know if you are giving your personal best?

Here’s my thought: A defining ability is the willingness to get outside your comfort zone to be comfortable being uncomfortable. If you are emotionally comfortable, it keeps you from being as creative as you might be.

I owed a great deal of the success and enjoyment of my law practice to being creative and willing to take risks and believing I could achieve a stretch goal.

If you can make it to the edge of your personal or professional abilities, then you know you are giving your personal best. Hope this helps.

Have you ever received an offer you thought was just too good to be true? If you have there’s probably a good chance it is.

Now that I am putting together lawyers who want to change firms with firms I know and trust, I am reminded of the time when I was the leader of a group of lawyers ready to leave Jenkens & Gilchrist at the end of 2003. I won’t bore you with the history other than to tell you the firm closed its doors March 31, 2007.

Our group was heavily recruited by two mega international law firms seeking to create a greater presence in Dallas. (Now it seems every big firm wants a Dallas office.) I was offered $250,000 more than I was making by one of the firms and I was offered $150,000 more than I was making by the other firm. These offers were too good to be true…

I can’t remember if I thought the offers were based on my legal talent and the clients I would bring with me. Looking back now, I realize the offers took into account that neither firm would have to pay a consultant or recruiter for putting together the deal. I was the recruiter/consultant and my value to either firm was that I was bringing with me so many rainmakers.

If you ever receive an offer that seems really great, before accepting it figure out what’s behind the offer. Oh, also make sure to find out how long you will receive that compensation before any “adjustments.”