At the end of each year I post the Top 10 Blog Posts based on views. As in some previous years, posts done earlier than 2016 made the list.

10. Law Firms: 21 Ideas to Improve Client Service

9. Work Like You Don’t Need the Money

8. About Me

7. Are You Pursuing Excellence or Success

6. 12 Tips to Make Your law Firm One of the Few Your Clients Will Recommend

5. 2015 Planning: Organize into Categories of Your Life

4. Selling Legal Services Do’s and Don’ts

3. Career Success: Why You Should Relentlessly Chase Perfection

2. 50 Topics for Client Development Discussions in Your Firm

1. Want an Example of a Really Good Business Plan?

In case you are wondering, the reason Want an Example of a Really Good Business Plan is Number 1 is that I recommend each lawyer I coach use it as a starting point for preparing his or her business plan. You could do the same for your 2017 business plan.