Let’s face it: 2020 hasn’t been the year we dreamed and talked about when 2019 came to an end.

All that has happened to us in the last few months means July 4th 2020 will be different in so many ways than any July 4th in my lifetime. Even in February, who could have predicted what we would be experiencing this July 4th?

It won’t be the same this year. For example. Addison, Texas known throughout DFW for its fireworks called “Kaboom Town” will be live-streamed. See: Addison Kaboom Town! Fireworks Will Be Livestreamed Only This Year Due To COVID-19. That means you can watch it from your home in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. Just go to the Addison YouTube channel at 9:30 CDT July 3, and watch.

If you are like me you may wonder why the fireworks are on July 3. Here in Dallas, at the very least this year, but also before, you could go to a different fireworks show on many different nights.

I have loved July 4th from the time I was a kid growing up in Lombard, Illinois. Fireworks were always fun, but more recently, I loved the music even more.

I recently watched A Capitol Fourth 2019 – Full Broadcast on YouTube. I looked at the faces in the crowd, smiling, waving flags, celebrating. If you watch, you will see a wide variety of performers.

If you want to learn a little about the history of the July 4 concert, take a look at A Capitol 4th. The Beach Boys played several years in the 80s. In 2017, they called themselves The Beach Boys, but some suggested that absent the Wilson brothers and Al Jardine, it might have been more appropriate to call them Mike Love and his band.

When Nancy was pregnant in 1978, she and I and another partner and his wife attended the Nashville Music Festival, a three day gala in Columbia, Tennessee.

It was described as the Greatest Country Music Show on Earth. It is probably too challenging to read, but among the many performers we watched in a farmer’s field in the hot sun were Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Hank Williams, Jr. and many other top performers.

I understood that the idea of the concert was to compete with Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic. and The Statler Brothers Happy Birthday USA  in Virginia.

Willie started his 4th of July picnic in 1973.

You may be aware that Macy’s sponsored a July 4th concert. In 2011, Beyonce performed at a Macy’s concert on July 4th in New York.

More recently, Jennifer Lopez performed at a Macy’s concert on July 4th in New York.

I don’t know that she sang it on the 4th of July, but I enjoy watching Whitney Houston sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic while waving an American flag.

I pray for happier times, kids able to go to school in the fall and maybe even being able to watch college football.

God Bless America.