If you have been a long time reader, you likely remember that a lawyer I coached a few years ago has gone in-house. Starting in 2015, he has shared tips for me to pass on to those of you still practicing in law firms.

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Client Development: More Tips from a Law Firm Lawyer Who is Now In-House

Client Development Tips: From Law Firm Lawyer Who is Now In-House

Business PeopleCordell, I’ve got some new ones. These focus on communication which seems to be lacking by firms. It is so frustrating.

  1. It shouldn’t take longer than a day to respond to my e-mail or that of someone at my company. If you can’t check your e-mails each day (such as you being on vacation), have someone do that for you.
  2.  A congratulatory e-mail to me when we announce a new product or have a significant development tells me you are paying attention to my company.
  3. When I send you an email inquiry asking for assistance, acknowledge the email so that I am aware you received it. If you can’t respond substantively immediately (which is fine), let me know when you can get to it so I can assess if I need to call someone else.
  4. If you get a call or email from someone other than me and I am your usual contact, you should inquire if I am aware of the inquiry. If one the departments I support reaches out to you, I would like you to tell me before you get started.