Last Monday, I posted: Travel: My Latest Lesson Learned about getting stiffed by a third party travel company that we paid last December, only to learn this December they had not paid the resort we had booked.

We hated paying a second time, but we enjoyed our stay at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. On Saturday, December 12, we moved to Diamanté Cabo San Lucas.

We played golf there for the first time in January, 2010. Juan Carlos was our caddie and we had the opportunity to have him again on this trip.


We purchased a week there in January, 2011 before the first place to stay had been constructed.

At first I was nervous because we had paid for our week and couldn’t use it. I wasn’t sure what we had bought other than the opportunity to play golf at a world ranked golf course.

Now, Diamanté is our very favorite place to visit.

The Dunes Golf Course, which is rated #38 in the world is Nancy’s number 1. So, the golf by itself makes Diamanté unique and special. But, there’s more.

At Diamanté the facilities are great. We just stayed a week in our two bedroom location in the Dunes Resort Club. It was really great and we had a wonderful view of the 18th fairway and the ocean,

We walked down the stairs for a Latte, dinner and the golf pro shop. There is a wide variety of food and it’s very good. For the first time ever we spent a week and never left the Diamanté property. But, there’s more.

Because we own the right to use a week at Diamanté we run into many of the same families each year. So, we don’t feel like we don’t know anyone else staying there. But, there’s one more thing that really makes Diamanté special.

What we love most about Diamanté is the staff. They love working at Diamanté so we see the same people every visit. That includes the guys who meet us when we arrive, the waiters in the bar and restaurants, the staff in the pro shops and even the maids who clean our room.

They remember us and make us feel like we are visiting our second home. We get to know them and learn all about their families.

This trip for the third straight year, Javier caddied for us four days. He knows how we play and helps us read putts and pick out the right clubs. We think so much of him that our photo with him last year was our Christmas card photo this year.

Here is our photo with him this year. IMG_0675

It was really funny. On our flight home Nancy and I ate a Christmas cookie from Diamanté and the couple from Wisconsin next to us figured out right way that we had been there.

Look, we are back home now, and there is no place like home, especially for the holidays. But, more than anything else, when we travel, staying at a place that makes us feel like it is our second home is incredibly special.

As many of you grow older, if you can find that kind of place, I guarantee you, it will be the place you want to visit away from your home.

Have a great holiday season.