Make your blog easy to read on a computer, tablet and telephone. That is my subject for Day 5 of my series.

Start by looking at the font size, white space and short paragraphs in Heidi Cohen’s Blogging: 10 Ways To Boost Reader Appeal. I recommend you read Heidi’s post. I agree with all 10 of her points and I have mentioned several of them this week. Then compare the font in her blog with the font in your blog and decide which is easier to read.

I wrote on this subject several months ago: Is your blog “reader” friendly? How can you make your blog reader friendly? In a nutshell:

  • Font size and style-It should not be too small
  • White space between lines and paragraphs-Add just a little more than normal
  • Length of paragraphs-I usually do not have paragraphs longer than two sentences.
  • Length of the blog post-It is hard to read long blog posts on a tablet or telephone.

If I had decided to add a Day 6 to this series, my opening sentence would have been: Post regularly and consistently. A couple of years ago, I found a blog written by lawyers at a well-known international law firm. They announced the blog in January and posted a blog that month. Then, they posted a blog in February. Then, they skipped March, April, May and June.

I just found the blog website again. The firm last posted in April, 2013. If I was advising this well-known, international law firm, I would suggest that they discontinue the blog. The sporadic and inconsistent posting makes it look like they are not serious about it.

Going back to what I said at the beginning of the week, even though I might enjoy the work, I don’t think your firm needs to hire me to write your blogs. I do think I could help your firm with editing what has already been written. But, instead of hiring me to do that, try my advice from each of the last 5 days to make your blog more valuable.