Hopefully by 2021 you and your colleagues are blogging. If not, here are reasons why you should be blogging:

  1. You will become more visible to your target market. A firm for whom I coached lawyers was not on the first ten pages of a Google search for a niche they specialized in until they started blogging. Now the firm’s blog is the second listing on the first page.
  2. You will be able to listen and engage your target market: You will listen for topics and listen for what your clients want to read.
  3. You will create more “weak tie” contacts. Your will have a wider variety of readers than those you send email blast alerts to.
  4. You will be forced to keep up with what is going on that impacts your  clients: You have to keep up to find topics.
  5. You can get material to your clients the moment they want it. When I wrote a monthly magazine column it would take two months from an event happening until my column on it was published.
  6. You will learn to be a better writer. It is humbling if no one is reading what you are writing.
  7. You will learn to be more concise. If you don’t, no one will read what you are writing.
  8. You can blog any time of day and any place including home.
  9. You provide a tool someone referring business to you can give to a potential client.
  10. Your readers will get to know you on a personal level.
  11. It is inexpensive to blog.
  12. You can link to your blog posts on social media sites.