1. If you are blogging start by finding a topic that addresses a timely client problem, opportunity or change.
  2. Spend more time deciding on a topic than writing the blog post.
  3. Remember your readers don’t care about what you do. They only care about how what you do solves their problems.
  4. When writing it is better to appeal to a  “narrow” target market than trying to write something that will be less valuable to a bigger audience.
  5. You must consistently post new blog posts not hit or miss.
  6. Make sure your blog gets the widest distribution using social media and other tools.
  7. Potential clients reading your blog prefer bullet points or lists. My clients never wanted to know the history of Swiss watch making they wanted to know the time.
  8. Your firm may want group blogs. That is fine except you lose the voice of the blogger.
  9. Your blogging may lead to speaking opportunities. The writing gives you a “calling card” to get asked to speak.
  10. Pretend your readers will only read the first line of your blog because if you don’t grab their attention there you will lose them.
  11. Business clients skim blog posts they do not read them word for word.
  12. To be a thought leader you have to see things others do not see and be first to write about those things.