I’ve been having some “issues” with my golf game. A friend recommended I visit Golf Tec. I went to the one in Plano, Texas and had my “Swing evaluation.”

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During the hour, the golf professional asked me to tell him my goal. (For those of you I coach does that sound familiar?) I told him I wanted to reduce my handicap from a 19 to a 12.

That’s pretty ambitious, since I never played to a 12 even when I was in top physical condition prior to….surgeries.

Having watched myself on video in the first session, I can see why I have a 19 handicap. Can I get to a 12? It will depend on whether I am coachable and willing to make the effort between coaching sessions. (For those of you I coach, does that also sound familiar?)

Since I began coaching lawyers in 2005 I have found that some lawyers really put a lot into the coaching program and they get a lot out of it.

One lawyer I coached in 2006-07 when he was an associate sent me an email in January, announcing he had a record year in 2015, originating over $3 million in business. I knew when I coached him, he would be a rainmaker and now he certainly is.

Over time, I have developed Coachability Factors. I urge you to take the test and see if you are coachable.