In January, I will start my 13th year of client development coaching. I’ve worked with 100s of incredibly motivated lawyers in the US and Canada.

Many of you are subscribers. I want each of you to know that while I loved practicing law, working with you has brought me even more satisfaction as I have seen you take your practice to the next level.

Is your firm considering a client development coaching program for 2017? If so, I’m available. I’m looking to coach lawyers in five new firms in 2017. Here’s how it will work.

I will come to your office either quarterly, or every other month and coach 6-7 lawyers individually and put on a lunch program for all in the office who want to participate.

Each lawyer will create a business plan for 2017 and each time I meet with them we will end our session with a 60 Days or 90 Days Action Plan. In the first group lunch, the group will create goals for 2017 and an action plan to achieve them.

The two main criteria for a successful client development coaching program are:

  1. Selecting the right people to participate, (I can only help highly motivated lawyers, not those who “need” coaching) and
  2. Having the unfettered support of firm leadership.

Young partners or senior associates selected should have a strong desire to develop business, expand client relationships and develop their reputation. They should be open to coaching and trying new ideas. They should be comfortable getting outside their comfort zone.

John Maxwell Success

Second, to be successful, firm leadership must support the program and ensure it is supported by lower level leaders in the firm. In this way it can be a win-win for the selected lawyers and for the firm.

  1. Purpose-Why are you creating a client development coaching program? Firm leaders need to clearly articulate the purpose, focus, or mission of the project and it must be aligned with the participants’ personal wants and needs. This might include providing maximum opportunities for them to develop their individual practice and to work synergistically as a team
  2. Challenge-Participants need to set challenging individual and team goals that stretch them.
  3. Camaraderie-Participants should feel like a team, get to know each other well, learn from each other and think synergistically.
  4. Accountability-Each participant must be hold themselves accountable and also be accountable to their group members and the coach.
  5. Responsibility-Participants must take responsibility for their success and the group’s success.
  6. Growth-The program should include learning and growth. If participants feel they are moving forward, learning new concepts, adding to their skill base, and stretching their minds, motivation will remain high.
  7. Leadership-Participants should lead group meetings held without the coach because the teachers always learn more than the students.

Here is the most interesting thing I have experienced in the 12 years I have been coaching lawyers: If the first coaching group is successful, there is a “buzz” around the firm and firm lawyers are most anxious to get selected for the second group.

The firms where I have coached over many years, routinely have more lawyers apply than they have slots for each coaching group.

If your firm is developing a client development coaching program, take a look at my Client Development Coaching eBook and my presentation slides.

As you will see, I like to include both a group component and individual coaching. The lawyers in the group feel like a team and no one wants to let the team down.

If you want to learn more about the program described above including the cost, check out the Work with Me page and then give me a call at 214.305.3121, or send me an email.  I would be happy to share with you the cost and answer any questions you have.