As you know I left my law practice at the end of 2004 to coach lawyers in firms throughout America and Canada. While I took a substantial cut in income, when lawyers I coached succeeded and in many cases exceeded their own expectations of success, I felt it was very rewarding.

How can a coach help you succeed and attract, retain and expand relationships with clients? If you are one of the lawyers I coached, I bet you will recognize some ways on this list. If you do drop me a note and let me know what worked for you and how you are doing now.

  1. A coach can give you ideas of new activities to try
  2. A coach can help you clarify your own definition of success
  3. A coach can help you identify stretch goals and create an action plan to achieve them
  4. A coach can hold you accountable
  5. A coach can encourage you, keep your head in the game and push you when necessary
  6. A coach can give you feedback on what you have done