When I coached lawyers, I concentrated on both a coaching component and a teaching component. The coaching component involves asking the right questions. The teaching component involves giving the right answers

As a coach, use questions to help your lawyers:

  1. Figure out what they want to accomplish their definition of success
  2. Understand their values
  3. Plan and goal setting
  4. Figure out their major strengths and offering ideas and best practices on how to use those strengths.
  5. Figure out the best ways to deal with obstacles they encounter.
  6. Answer questions, offer feedback, and suggestions.
  7. Be Accountable: Pushing each participant and the group to attain group and individual goals.

As a trainer and teacher, you will help the lawyers with and by:

  1. Preparation of a business development plan
  2. Presentation/communication/writing articles and blogs skills that will attract clients
  3. Understanding how clients select lawyers and how to be considered and selected
  4. Networking, developing relationships and converting those relationships into business
  5. Referral to sources on career and client development
  6. Create opportunities for the team
  7. How to conduct potential client meetings
  8. Understanding what clients expect and how to provide it