Sometimes you build relationships with potential clients before they even know you practice law. Several lawyers I coach have met potential clients on the sidelines of a soccer field or at a swim meet. (There is a lot of time to talk between your child’s races.)

James, a Dallas lawyer I coached knows more about metadata and what goes on with a computer than just about any other lawyer I know. When I first met James, he told me that going to networking events and making small talk was not high on his list of favorite ways to spend time.

James has two boys who play elite soccer. When he went to practices or games, he rarely spent much time chatting it up with the other parents on the sideline.

After a few of our coaching sessions, James came up with a really neat idea to add value on a personal level. He loves photography. So, he began to take photos for soccer portfolios of all the players. As you likely guessed when he showed the parents the photos he had taken for their child’s portfolio, they were most appreciative.

If you have a hobby you love, how can you use it to add value to your contacts?