Several years ago I coached Andrea, a young real estate partner in a large national Canadian law firm. When I coached her I discovered Andrea shared Nancy’s passion for golf and was “all-in” trying to become a better golfer.

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I spoke with Andrea the other day. Recently her firm sponsored a foursome in a charity golf tournament and Andrea’s foursome finished on top and won the $5000 first prize.

Each member of the foursome will receive $1000 and the team will contribute another $1000 to the charity.

Andrea asked how she should follow up with the two potential clients who were in the foursome. What would you recommend?

I thought she should buy golf balls and have the firm name, the event and the word Champions printed on the golf balls. I also thought she might bring the foursome together for some sort of fun golf outing or dinner. I suggested it might even be fun to invite spouses, and their children and host the dinner at her house.