Games.pngOur daughter Jill loves games. When she and her husband come over we always have family game night. Occasionally we play Texas Hold’em, but Jill really prefers board games. She has recent versions of “The Game of Life,” “Risk” and other popular board games.

When Jill was in college we found a book: The Conversation Piece Collection it included: “The Conversation Piece,” “The Mom and Dad Conversation Piece” and “The Christmas Conversation Piece.”

We gathered over dinner during her holiday break and asked questions from the book. To give you a sample, I just randomly turned to pages 74-75 to give you a sample of some of the questions:

What is something you have not yet done that you believe you can accomplish during your lifetime?
If you could enter a race horse in the Kentucky Derby, what would you name your horse?
If you were an artist, what would be the theme of your drawings and paintings?

I found the book while going through some old books at our house. Because I liked it so much I went on Amazon to see if I could buy more copies. I gave several copies away to lawyers I coach who are parents.

As a lawyer one skill you need to learn is how to ask good questions and a second skill is to attentively listen. If you want to practice, ask your kids questions and then listen intently to their answers.