Two weeks ago, I coached 8 lawyers in a firm for the first time. The most common theme of our coaching sessions was time.

I have family with young children. How can a find, make, carve out time for career development and client development, do my billable work and spend quality time with my family?

These lawyers are not the first to ask the same question. It is the question most asked by lawyers who have children.

I have argued that your time and your energy are your two most important resources. So, how can you plan and use them most wisely?

The answer is do not plan your non-billable time career and client development actions, until you know the WHAT and the WHY.

I know I am not the first person to use these words, but I have always found them incredibly powerful and inspirational. If you can figure out the WHAT and you know the WHY, you will creatively figure out the HOW (and use your non-billable time most wisely).

Some time ago I read: Research: Your Reasons for Change Make all the Difference. Take a minute and read it. The writer makes three main points about reasons for change that can make a difference. Paraphrasing those are:

  1. You will be better off if your reason for change is a positive one for your future.
  2. You will better off if you are intrinsically motivated rather than extrinsically motivated.
  3. You will be better off if your reason for changes involves others rather than just yourself.

Seth Godin wrote an interesting blog about time recently: Time doesn’t exist until we invent it.

I liked this:

Time on a long bus trip goes so much slower than time spent doing what we love with people we care about.

Like I said: When you know the WHAT and the WHY…

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