If you are a regular reader, you likely remember Client Development: Here’s a Book for You written by Denver Fox Rothschild lawyer, Melissa Lyon. I received very positive feedback from readers, so I asked Melissa to write another book review. Here she shares her thoughts on a book on selling.


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I have a confession to make, I have read “The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone,” by Fredrik Eklund about 3 times.  My copy is highlighted, underlined, notes are scribbled in the margins, pages are bent in and earmarked, and I even put tabs on some of my favorite pages.

As part of my client development coaching with Cordell, I recognized that attorneys actually do have to learn how to make a sale – practicing law alone, even doing so extraordinarily well, is not enough to bring a client in the door all of the time.

Selling is something that I have always felt uncomfortable with, even though it has always come naturally to me from the time of my first lemonade stand.  This book helps you realize there is nothing bad or negative about selling.  It is a part of life.

Fredrik Eklund is a remarkably successful and charming young, handsome Swede in the real estate biz in New York City, but he reminds us that regardless of your business or the industry you are in, it is all sales.  “The Sell” is something everyone should read at least once.

As an attorney, pitching your legal services and selling your case to your fact finder is sales, even though “salesperson” isn’t what most of us typically consider as part of our professional repertoire.  The ability to make the sale – most of the time a BIG sale – is part of our legal profession and personal lives.

Whether you are making your client’s case to a jury or judge, negotiating a settlement, asking a girl on out on a date or trying to talk your kids into getting in their pajamas at bedtime, it is all a pitch.  It is all selling – and Fredrik Eklund is just the person to teach you the finer points of the skill.  If you are familiar with Fredrik, the words of this book jump of the page as if he were speaking to you directly – you can hear his voice clearly.

I was introduced Fredrik Eklund by a friend who was obsessed with his hit series on the Bravo channel, “Million Dollar Listing New York.”  I mean he was obsessed.  He is also a salesman, so I think he felt like a kindred spirit with the show’s stars.  I was immediately drawn to Fredrik’s energy while watching the show and bought his book as soon as I found out that he wrote one – I just had to learn the secrets to his success.

So what are Fredrik’s secrets?

His fascinating book contains his many tips, hints and secrets, but in my opinion the most important of Fredrik’s secrets to success is in staying true to yourself.  Fredrik refers to it as your authentic self.  It is not changing or molding to what others want or expect, and instead confidently and boldly being who you are.  I have always believed that people are drawn to sincerity and both Fredrik and Cordell emphasize this.

Fredrik purses his lips, wears crazy wild socks and does high kicks while shouting “weeee!”  I love it – share who you are with others.  Being yourself means sharing your life.

We are not meant to live in solidarity, but as part of a community.  No man is an island, as they say.  Fredrik would say build an amazing team, stay focused, work hard doing what you love and then take the ones you love and care about with you to an island to eat wonderful food and drink spectacular wines to celebrate!

Fredrik also teaches you his pointers on effectively and easily using social media to expand your reach.  Engaging with others while being yourself sounds so simple, but it can be so difficult.  We are shy, we want privacy and we don’t want to let people in.  But, after all, isn’t this what life is about?  Being your most authentic self and sincerely engaging with others?

The other secret?  Joy.

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Fredrik’s joy is magnetic.  You want to watch him on television, keep turning the page in his book and follow his every move on Instagram because he *truly delights* in his life and work.

Cordell’s client development coaching similarly emphasizes finding what you are passionate about in your career in order to find joy and success.  The task is not finding happiness – happiness is temporary and fleeting, while true joy is lasting.

Read one page of Fredrik’s writing and you will see that the ability to live the results of finding real joy are what we are all searching and working for.

“The Sell” is a must read when working hard to achieve your goals – this is an inspiring and practical guide for everyone, including today’s attorney.  I warn you now, this book is addicting!

Speaking of books, Melissa and several lawyers I coached are reading Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy. Last Friday members of the reading group shared their ideas from Chapter 1 with each other and with me.

I’m looking for more book reviews and guest posts from lawyers I have coached over the last 12 years and lawyers I mentored before that. If you have something you want to share with readers, I invite you to send me a draft.

Also, if you are interested in starting a book group like the one mentioned above, I’d be happy to share some book ideas with you.