If you are practicing law in a firm, you know that you ultimately need to bring in clients, right? Well, if you know that, what is holding you back? It could be:

  1. You feel you are too busy just doing your billable work. (Don’t feel alone, this is a very common excuse.)
  2. You have not convinced yourself that you can make rain.
  3. You don’t know where to start, so you don’t.
  4. You have started, but were unsuccessful, so you gave up.
  5. You have no plan.
  6. You have a plan, but it is not strategic or focused.
  7. You have a plan, but you haven’t taken any action to implement it.
  8. You do not see opportunities.
  9. You are afraid of failing.
  10. You have been told by a senior lawyer what you need to be doing and it does not fit you.
  11. No one is giving you feedback on your client development efforts.

What can you do to overcome any of these obstacles.